7 Artists and Designers Inspired by Murano Glass

We have written before of some artists who, under the brand name of Murano glass, have developed new products that go beyond the confines of the technique.

This time we will talk about how the designers are breaking schemes to implement the Murano technique with new environments, designs or elements.

Artists Making an Impact for their love of Murano glass

One of the most important changes that have impacted the world of Murano crystal is how it has been imbued with new concepts. Thus, we see that on the one hand the most contemporary designers have decided to retake the classical school of Murano and incorporate it into their creations, generally found in less traditional environments.

Another type of designers have resorted to the same Murano techniques to produce objects that harmoniously combine this millenary technique with new materials and techniques.

Manish Arora

The first of them is the renowned fashion designer, Manish Arora, one of the most celebrated and inspiring contemporary designers in the fashion world today.

Manish Arora is known for his astute craftsmanship and unique play on colors, such as his trademark palette of pink and gold.

He recently participated in a collaboration with other designers, in the crystal studio, Soneva Fushi, to produce some artistic elements inspired by the Murano blown glass technique.

As you can see, the artist’s passion for the feminine and colorful elements, so characteristic of his work is evident on his Murano-inspired creations.

Vincenzo De Cotiis

Italian designer, Vincenzo De Cotiis, decided to use the Murano technique to design his collection of coffee table tops, lamps and mirrors.

marble, silvered cast brass and Murano glass with industrial components like fiberglass.

Incorporating marble, silvered cast brass plates, fiberglass and Murano glass, he makes a work that projects a diffuse harmony.

The mixture with fiberglass gives non-pure properties to the glass, which, however, do not cease to amaze for its execution and aesthetic beauty, as well as by the fusion of techniques and materials.

Discs of metal and Murano glass

Fred Wilson

The following example of how the Murano world impacts the world of art comes from the hand of renowned artist Fred Wilson, with his exhibition Afro Kismet at the Pace Gallery in New York.

The artist is presenting a series of sculptures based on the technique of Murano glass, which show a deployment of evolving shifts in scale, color, and complexity, which has allowed the artist to return to themes such as blackness, death and beauty.

Afro Kismet - Fred Wilson installation 1/4

Emily Current and Meritt Elliott

But the Murano world has not only impacted artists, this week we discovered an LA duo formed by Emily Current and Meritt Elliott and their fashion brand.

The Great, a so-called casual-cool brand, recently opened a store in West Hollywood (WeHo), incorporating a Murano chandelier as part of its decoration.

The Great tries to incorporate a Boy-meets-girl décor with vintage accents that mirror the brand’s aesthetic.

WeHo The Great Murano Chandelier

In particular, I love how the Murano world is a constant source of inspiration for designers in search of elevating the vintage concept.

Love for Murano Glass is Love for Life

Finally, I leave you a sample of how the love for Murano chandeliers can be combined into something much larger and inclusive.

Nancy Olnick and Giorgio Spanu met for their love of Murano glass, and now they maintain the Magazzino gallery of contemporary Italian art.

As you can see, the world of Murano is for many the beginning of their love story for life.

Do you want to tell the next love story with Murano? Call or email me with that specific Murano glass request and I’d love to give you the best price and service.

5 New Hotel Lobby Lighting Fixtures feat. Murano glass

This time I bring you five hotel lobby lighting fixtures that will give you the goosebumps. It’s beauty, charm and above all, price sets these apart. From classic, to contemporary, and unique, these hotel lobby objects d’art embellish every place. See what the past few weeks brought in the wonder world of Muranolust.

We’ve talked about Murano glass chandeliers on board the SS Beatrice in the past. But we haven’t talked about the boat lavish interiors. For a closer look visit this page and see the wonders that designers match with the magic of Murano.

1. The Siren Hotel (Detroit)

Candy Bar chandelier, Detroit
Candy Bar chandelier, Detroit

A stunning vintage Murano chandelier made of dozens of spiral glass pieces make this a wonderful addition to this Detroit, Candy Bar at The Siren Hotel.

Hidden inside the Wurlitzer Building, this cocktail lounge may go unnoticed unless you know what you’re looking for. Luckily for us, we have a radar for all Murano art glass and we didn’t miss the chance to write about it.

Although I give it to you, the photo just does not do any favor. I don’t have a better pic, so i’m hoping it’s an authentic Murano glass chandelier and not a cheap copy, given its size.

2. Hotel Lutetia (Paris)

Hotel Lutetia Lobby, Paris
Hotel Lutetia Lobby, Paris

We weren’t lucky enough to get a glimpse of the recent reopening of Hotel Lutetia in Paris, the classic Parisian hotel is again opening shop “108 years after its debut” on the bitterly cold evening of Dec. 28, 1910.

Alas, the hotel looks charming and lavish enough as to host a Marie Claire event every once in a while. The postcard hotel houses modern contemporary style, that matches the newer trends in Murano glass chandeliers.

3. Blantyre Hotel (Berkshire, MA)

If you’re into big, bushy, green, yellow and red gardens, you’ll be awed by this luxury retreat in western Massachusetts’ lovely Berkshire hills. Not only will you be inspired by its long beautiful and timeless gardens, but you’ll also be reminded that good taste and class can perfectly be paired with comfort and coziness.

Blantyre Bar with Murano chandelier
Blantyre Bar with Murano chandelier

The views are magnifiqué, in and out. Inside, they obviously picked Murano glass chandelier for their lighting fixtures. It’s dizzyingly gorgeous beauty exudes joy and elegance.

If you’re in the Lenox, Massachusetts area, don’t miss this jewel. But if Lenox is really not your thing, no need to worry as you can still enjoy the timeless beauty of Murano glass chandelier brought directly to you from Murano, Italy.

4. Hotel Café Royal (London)

We’re fascinated by the new lobby area and restaurant in Hotel Café Royal in London’s Piccadilly. Designer by renowned Italian architect Piero Lissoni, the lobby features double revolving doors and spectacular views of a bespoke Murano chandelier. Long-vertical white crystal strings form this two stories high chandelier.

London’s Hotel Café Royal unveils new lobby and restaurant


5. Hotel Splendide (Italy-Switzerland)

For the ultimate royal experience you might want to check this circa-1887 wonderful neoclassic villa turned 93-room lavish lakefront haven.

Hotel Splendide Royal Lugano, located between the borders of Italy and Switzerland, perfectly meshes old world architecture with wealthy, modern flair. Gorgeous vistas and splendid decoration make this a place to admire the majestic green cliffs. What we like is their, as the Hotel’s name implies, splendid Murano chandelier. Many to be admired, I particularly liked the lobby, topping the piano and creating classic, yet cozy atmosphere in the main hall room.

Murano chandelier
Murano chandelier

If you’re serious about your chandelier sight seeing, or want to get your hands on a Murano glass chandelier of your own, just call or email me. I’ll seriously do my best to give you the best price and customer service. Heck, you might even find that I’m a pretty charming guy (although be warned, I’m already married).




Modern Trends in Murano Glass Chandelier Selection

Hardly a day goes by without us finding out about how people all over the world discover their love for Murano glass. While most of us like traditional Murano chandeliers, it’s notable what some interior designers are doing when incorporating modern trends in Murano glass chandelier selection.

4 Trends in Murano Glass Chandelier Selection for Modern Atmospheres

Their beauty, majestic, and everlasting charm attracts everyone, from classically trained interior designers, to wholesale interior decorators. From real state moguls to tv personalities. And from rappers and boat owners to restaurant owners and more. Everyone has found their love for Murano once they see one.

Providing both a glamorous look with a bit of eccentricity. Murano glass chandeliers worldwide make a statement that’s hardly matched by any other lightning picture.

1. Joan and Erika favor Murano

The most recent example comes reality TV star, from Erika Jayne, from the real housewives of Beverly Hills as she shares her worth, along with her fondness for Murano art in her interview with the LA Times.

Erika Jayne’s, from TV show Real Housewifes of Beverly Hills
Real Housewife of Beverly Hills Erika Jayne’s

It’s to note that she also likes Wayfair, Anthropologie and Lamps Plus chandeliers. But what really attracted us was that she chose world class interior designer Joan Behnke & Associates to help her decorate her 17,000 square foot Beverly Hills home.

Although we recently talked about Jan Showers chandeliers, we are quite fond of Joan Behnke non-traditional style when choosing lightning, as seen from her collections on her website. We hope we get to see what she picked for Erika.

We wouldn’t be surprised she chose a modern-looking and extravagant $25,000 hand-blown Murano glass chandelier from Murano. Who needs vacation when paradise is right here at home?

Anyways, the second example we got to know recently, comes from an all-day wine bar in Houston, Texas. Located in the heights -area, Postino Wine Cafe recently acquired a vintage Murano glass chandelier as part of their retro decoration.

2. Crystal Chandelier in Postino Cafe

Located in a historic building that once was an old post office as well as a warehouse of Pappas Restaurants. The fancy cafe is open from dawn till dusk, for all Houstonians to meet, celebrate and enjoy their well crafted beverages as well as their relaxed and urban atmosphere. We celebrate their taste in choosing a non-traditional, yet, retro chandelier from Murano.

3. Aye Aye, Murano Chandelier in a Ship

Keeping up with the non-traditional chandelier style, we got to know S.S. Beatrice added a Murano chandelier as part of their decoration. Topping its grand staircase, Uniworld’s Super Ships signature design element.

This one is definitely one of those trends in Murano glass chandelier selection that we are seeing more often, as even yacht owners are incorporating them as well.

SS Beatrice grand staircase chandelier
SS Beatrice grand staircase chandelier

For the lucky few who get to make their Budapest to Giurgiu trip, we can only add you will not only be awarded by their gorgeous white Murano chandelier with blue shades, but you’ll get awarded by some pieces from Pablo Picasso, Alexander Calder and Pino Signoretto.

4. Luxury Chandeliers for Realty

Last but not least, we wanted to point out how some modern realty developers are incorporating Murano chandeliers in ways hardly seen before.


The Needham Homefront tudor, located in 810 South St, Needham, in the county of Norfolk, in Massachusetts, has included a variety of chandeliers in their decoration.

Beginning with their dinning room, featuring a white crystal chandelier, with 8-lights and five tiers. Gorgeously adding accent and charm to the property and in beautiful contrast with the carefully selected furniture and carpeting.

A second chandelier has been chosen for their casual dining room, along a circular eat-in area. The two tier chandelier perfectly balances the circular room and spectacular views.

If this wasn’t enough, the realty has added a third chandelier, and this is the one we’re more fond of. As part of our selection of non-traditional crystal chandelier selections, the Needham folks have selected a stunning Murano chandelier inside their bath tub, an elevated stand-alone centrally located steam shower.

What we like here is not so much the chandelier itself, but how they decided to incorporate it inside the tub. Even though it’s been already elevated. It’s probably a custom chandelier as it’s intended for under water usage. But that’s hardly a problem for expert glass masters in custom Murano chandeliers.

Having a chandelier on top of your elevated bathtub can only put the royalty in their place.

That is all for now. But we’ll keep covering current and modern trends in Murano glass chandelier selection.

We keep a close eye on what designers and buyers are incorporating. And we will of course comment and bring you the best and most creative ideas in the Murano world.

Hope to see you next time.