Four Seasons Cyprus Bespoke Chandelier for Buffet

Hydiscus dinner buffet 4 seasons Hydiscus buffet chandelier Hydiscus uneven discs Hydiscus lightning zoom-in Hydiscus bespoke lightning profile Hydiscus bespoke lightning closeup

Hydiscus bespoke lightning
Hydiscus bespoke lightning

Every time the 4 Seasons Hotel is mentioned, one can only think of the luxury and grandiose evoked by this internationally recognized elite hotels brand.

The Canadian company is synonym with best-in-class hotels and resorts, with top of the line quality and exclusivity.

Many of its properties are considered landmark buildings, and often have a positive impact on the environment or neighborhood they’re in.

Few  companies in the world can claim this level of artistic, social and cultural influence.

As such, it’s only understandable that sourcing for every new building or property is meticulously taken care of.

Each 4 seasons supplier has to past a rigorous vetting phase in order to become approved.

Hydiscus, A Unique Bespoke Chandelier

For their most recent project, the 4 Seasons Hotel management, went looking for a partner that not only was able to deliver as expected, but that would also be able to provide an artistic and unique bespoke lightning chandelier for their dinner / buffet area in their new Cyprus Hotel complex.

Four Seasons chose Murano glass due to its timeless beauty and master crafting technique, perfectly matching their brand name.

As with most Murano glass artifacts, the new chandelier aims at becoming not merely a modern lightning fixture, but also becoming an artistic and iconic piece.

The chosen supplier was Multiforme, a Trebaseleghe-based, italian glass manufacturer of chandeliers and lamps.

We couldn’t be prouder for this mention, because the glassmaster in charge of creating the new Hydiscus chandelier for Four Seasons Cyprus, is one of our closest glassmasters and friends.

The piece’s value relies on its unique emotional and scenic impact, achieved by its multilayered plates aimed at simulating plants and uneven discs.

As requested by 4 Seasons Cyprus team, they not only wanted a modern chandelier, but wanted to create a warm, tropically colored atmosphere that would transmit lively and cheerful vibrations whether it was lit on or off.

The glass master fully achieved this with this unique chandelier Hydiscus.

Hydiscus is composed of a top mirror, with more than 400 mouth-blown artistic glass discs hanging below a stainless steel structure. Uneven discs in yellow, red and crystal discs are included along with drop-shaped pendants.