Introducing Our New Murano Glass Partner Program

Since its inception, Murano glass masters have been very cautious abut their craft, realizing what they have mastered needed some kind of secrecy in order to ensure top quality and heritage, and to a lesser degree, to ensure a price monopoly.

For this reason, throughout its history, Murano glass has seen a lot of forgery, as well as having served as an inspiration for many crystal or glass families.

Tiffany glass, Millefiori, Swarovski, Baccarat, Riedel, Steuben, Waterford, Edinburgh, Ajka, etc., are but a few examples of internationally recognized lead glass making companies. While each one has their unique characteristics and differences, they usually have the same commonality of providing top quality and manufacturing techniques, and hardly matched beauty.


As you might have imagined, forgery has accompanied the Murano world throughout its history. Even nowadays you’ll most likely find Murano replicas or Murano fake products throughout the world. All Murano ripoffs usually fall on these categories:

  1. Fake Murano products claiming to be authentic.
  2. Murano replicas labeled as such.

While we won’t talk much about the merits of either, we’ll say that fake stuff is warrantees to be low quality. Always.


If you have seen our homepage video, by know you might have acknowledged that we are not amateurs, and that we’ve been dealing with Murano glass for decades. As such, we have established long lasting friendships and commercial relations with some of the best glass masters in all of Murano, Venice.

Our agreement lets us give you prices that no one can match, along with the top quality in Murano chandeliers.

When you buy a Murano product with us, you’ll realize that you won’t pay all of the overhead costs that you would by doing business with any of the traditional Murano glass retailers located throughout the US.

With us, you simply are literally a call away to some of the best glass masters in Venice.

And if this is not enough to get you enticed about handling us all of your Murano glass needs. We have also some logistic arrangement sin order to give you highly competitive rates in shippings, along with the usual insurance and protection from international parcel companies.

Simply put, when you do business with Murano Direct, you are doing business with a company that has over 20 years reputation in the Murano glass business.


Recently we decided to create a partner program aimed at interior designers, architects, real state developers, design houses and similar parties dedicated to interior design and decoration.

If you’re interested in applying to our partner program or simply need additional information, please fill in the form below so that we can arrange a call and send you further documentation.

As always, we strive to give you world class service in Murano glass products. Remember, with Murano, you are one step away from heaven.