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About Us

My name is Giuliano, I'm an International distributor of original Murano glass lightning fixtures, and this is the story of MuranoDirect.com

MuranoDirect.com Happy Customers

"My family is from Veneto, the state of Venice. Since I was a little boy, on the weekends they took me for a walk to Venezia and to Murano, where they always bought me an ice cream near a furnace.

So, a little for the ice cream, a little for the showcases of the shops full of the masterpieces of Murano, the delight for the ice cream mixed with the taste for the beauty of the Murano artistic glass were capturing in my young soul the passion for this unique place in the world: the island of Murano and its art!

I remember the first time I went into a furnace from my father's hand, to see a master from Murano training his apprentices and entertaining the tourists with a show of skill. What an impression it made me to see a ball of incandescent glass transform slowly and under the quick and skillful touch-ups of the master on a horse, then in a clown or a multicolored flower! It seemed like entering a fairy tale where magic was possible and dreams came true.

From those early days instilled in my heart the love and appreciation for this noble art and as I grew and met the teachers and their workshops, formed in me the desire to share in some way this art and promote it around the world .

To be a master of Murano for me is like being a paladin of beauty, a hero who fights against the dragon of his oven that shoots glass at 1,000 degrees to be tamed in delightful, harmonious and delicate forms by the master.

There is no word to describe the talent of these artists who closely imitate the divine creative act. Since blowing in the incandescent turned sand give life to wonderful figures and spiders.

The chandeliers in particular are what I prefer from the artistic creation of Murano, since the final product is not simply something that gives light to our house. I see every time a client receives his lamp and turns it on, not only the bulbs light up, but his whole soul, in static admiration for so much new beauty!

By the way, whenever I can, I love personally putting the lamps in my clients' houses, and it fascinates me and it fills me with satisfaction to see their faces when the lamp is armed and they turn it on for the first time. The faces of admiration that reflect their satisfaction is something that moves me every day.

Promoting the art of Murano transforms me in some way into a paladin of the same beauty of the teachers my friends. Because in a world that is increasingly oblivious to beauty, providing beauty to my clients is more than a passion. I consider it a true mission.

So I have been collaborating for 30 years promoting the work of my countrymen, the masters of Murano, and my clients all over the world continue to appreciate and enrich their homes and their lives with our lamps.

Now through MuranoDirect, I have achieved a formula to provide directly to the public, without the intermediaries that have always accompanied me. The best of Murano at the best market price!

Thanks to the internet, it is now possible to buy the chandelier, lamp or mirror of your dreams at a price previously impossible from Murano.

What sets me apart from other competitors is that I can not only offer the best prices thanks to my close relationship of sincere friendship with the best teachers. But my ultimate goal is to make you happy and promise you from the beginning to the end, the best possible experience in the process of buying your chandelier.

I am by your side both at the moment of deciding which model is most appropriate for you, until the moment of assembling it in your house, since any inconvenience that you have will be for me a pleasure to solve.

Do not you worry about anything. Just relax and let me light up your new chandelier and your soul at the same time!

Buy here with confidence the best quality, at the best price, with the best possible service!" -Giuliano F.

Welcome to Muranodirect.com, WHERE TO PLEASE YOU IS OUR MAIN GOAL 

Our goal is: 

1) To ensure you a peace of mind experience in ordering and receiving your chandelier

2) To ensure you the best price since you are  buying directly from our furnace in Venice. 

When you light up your chandelier in the intimacy of your home, we want your eyes to light up too when you experience a work of art that was created directly for you. 


Why are we the best Murano store? 

Muranodirect is a USA based store where WORLDWIDE CUSTOMERS are welcome!

All our chandeliers are created and shipped world-wide from our factory in Venice.

We offer you the best price because you buy directly from the glassmasters.



We make our furnace in Venice available to you. Which includes the passion and knowledge of our glassmasters in completing your order. 

Any model you see in MURANODIRECT can be customized.

You can send us a picture of a Murano Glass Chandelier and we can make you a better proposal.




Campo San Bernardo 18, Murano, Venezia, Italy