Modern Crystal Chandeliers for Your Dining Room: Inspiring and Trendy Styles


When you’re looking for modern crystal chandeliers for your dining room, whether for an urban concept, loft, or classic shaped dining room, there’s plenty of chandelier styles to choose for your private or public space.

From the trendy and modern chandeliers with geometrical shapes, to the more anamorphic designs, finding the perfect chandelier can seem like a daunting task, unless you’re Jan Showers.

Fortunately, we live in a time where it’s easier than ever to get inspired by the visual web. So went in the lookout for some modern glass chandeliers for your dining room.

We focused our search in the trendiest and most modern styles of crystal chandeliers, especially those that offered a modern, yet comfortable and homey style more suited for a dining room.

While everyone of us has seen the traditional fruit or floral crystal chandeliers, it’s usually not very common to decorate your dining room with a trendy chandelier.

The meal is a ritualistic habit for many, and most people want to get their meals in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere.

Looking at triangular shapes, or star-shaped glass pipes during diner may not be as enticing to some. Still, there’s something about modern chandeliers that classic styles can’t usually create.

We discovered  finding a modern chandelier wasn’t as hard as we initially thought.

It all comes done to finding that chandelier that better suits and balances your space.

Either because of the welcoming light a glass chandelier can create. Or because of the subtle, yet elegant lightning, the perfect chandelier will not only lit and beautify your dining room. It will also make you feel in harmony with your meals.

1. Coco Cristal modern chandelier

The first pick is a aimed at creating a period uptown vibe. With cylindrical sheer silk plissè lampshades, this Coco-inspired glass chandelier is manufactured using a particular glassmaking technique, called rigadin.

What rigadin does is it allows to obtain straight vertical ribs, conferring to each vase the translucent surface of a peculiar lamp-shaped optical illusion.

Coco Cristal glass chandelier
Coco Cristal glass chandelier

The peculiar thing about this crystal chandelier is how its alignment can contribute to creating harmony and uniformity of the whole structure.

Offering a modern, yet comfy feeling, this Coco Cristal chandelier is suitable for modern dining rooms.

2. Chapeau glass classic/modern chandelier


What modern chandeliers can’t create, the timeless collection can. Sometimes you will want to integrate a chandelier that provides a modern look, yet with a classic flair.

Chapeau does this. It perfectly captures the timeless expression of a two-tiered 15 lights glass chandelier, with modern-looking handmade lampshades.

It’s tiered sections work in tandem with high ceilings or large spaces. As you can see from the picture, the contrast provided by the modern/classic chandelier along with the washed out walls of the urban loft, perfectly balance the elegance of a two-tiered glass chandelier, along with the informality of the wall painting.

The down graded atmosphere embellished with the opulence and style of Chapeau.

3. Atmosphera spheres chandelier

Atmosphera chandelier
Atmosphera chandelier

A unique twist to the classical chandelier is created with Atmosphera. A single-module handmade blown glass spheric hanging lamp.

With its purpose to reinterpreting the tradition of Murano lamps. Atmosphera is handblown and surrounded by a nickel structure, its shape allow it to create a certain dynamism with the surrounding space. Suitable for your modern dining room or avant-guard spaces.

It’s spheres, while creating a unique lightning fixture, can also add some charm due to its geometric and harmonic shape.

4. Mystique Gold retro chandelier

Mystique Gold glass chandelier
Mystique Gold glass chandelier

Not typically seen in a dining room.  This retro looking golden square chandelier reminds us of the 1970’s exotic and sometimes chic charm.

It’s four sided, geometric body provides a faded light, designed to provide a lighting work with neat and simple volumes.

Each of the four gilded decorative plates has been handcrafted with exquisite detail in a lightly marble finishing.

Available in nine lights, this modern looking glass chandelier comes in 24k gold for an even more extravagant look.

5. Medusa extravagant chandelier


An extravagant looking chandelier, Medusa can be used to adorn an otherwise semi formal and minimal urban dining room.

Suitable to be used in an uniformed looking room. The chandelier can offset the otherwise boring design of a full wood-themed dining room. The dark and light cabinetry carried throughout the entire dining space will be emboldened with this extravagant looking chandelier.

Handblown and carrying 8 G9 leds, the lightning tentacles will give life and style to the dining space.

Medusa chandelier detail
Medusa chandelier detail

As you have seen. These are but a few suggestions in the never ending universe of modern glass chandeliers. While there are obvious reasons to buy a chandelier for your room. Finding the right chandelier for your dining room is not as easy as it may look, yet it’s also not impossible. No matter which decoration style you have in your house, there’s always a way how you can find a chandelier that can enhance your home.

If you’re looking to purchase a modern crystal chandeliers for your dining room, head to our store and see some of our current modern glass chandeliers. If you’re only curious or are looking for ideas, or are a regular visitor to our blog, welcome back!

And as always, feel free to reach out for anything regarding chandeliers.

Ciao, Giuliano.

Luxury Bedroom Lightning Tips

Lighting is one of the most underrated and overlooked factors when it comes to interior design. In particular when it comes to bedroom lighting, things get even more tricky, unless you’re a luxury lightning pro.

And if you think this wasn’t tricky enough, consider luxury bedroom lighting. As if it wasn’t already hard to right balance between ceiling, wall and bedside lamps in a bedroom, specially in large rooms. Now picture a lavishly decorated bedroom. How do you even light that?

Fortunately, there are some rules and ideas that if you follow you can be certain you will get the best lighting and design for your house.

As we usually advice on lighting for a lot of spaces in your house, a combined lighting strategy supplies layers of light and permit you to use each light for a particular job or utilize them entirely to set the state of mind.

Your bed room is your sanctuary, a location to loosen up and pull back after a hectic day. Bed room lighting ought to stimulate a sensation of pure convenience and show your individual design. Even more if you’re aiming for luxurious lightning sources and elegant lightning in your bedroom.

Luxury Bedroom lighting concepts

Bedside light options consist of alternatives with material (typically drum-shaped) tones for soft basic lighting, or adjustable frames to place light to match your requirements. The perfect height for a bedside light will have it casting light at the height that you would hold a book in bed.

This striking device maximizes the surface area for other things and design while supplying both ornamental and practical lighting. There are some extraordinary adjustable pendants offered which permit you to place the shade to direct light for jobs such as reading.

A modern-day bed room lighting pattern, is to suspend pendant lights above bedside tables. Ceiling lights offer an ornamental lighting source for bed rooms with low ceilings, where pendant lighting or chandeliers might not be an alternative. Guarantee you place down-lights thoroughly to light locations with mirrors, art work or surface areas, so that light is utilized successfully.

Ceiling lights supply an ornamental lighting source for bed rooms with low ceilings, where pendant lighting or chandeliers might not be a choice.  While both of these can achieve the desired luxury bedroom lighting effect. We Guarantee you place down-lights thoroughly to light locations with mirrors, art work or surface areas, so that light is utilized successfully.

Wall lights can be made use of in numerous locations of the bed room to develop an environment, emphasize art work, or supply direct lighting for reading. Bedside wall lights offer adjustable function for a lovely ornamental appearance without jumbling up the bedside or the ceiling table.

Bed room pendant lighting concepts are large, however can be limited depending upon the design and size of your area– along with your designated position for them in the space. Pendant chandeliers and lights put in the center of the space develop a ornamental and classy function which not just supplies a centerpiece, however supply basic lighting for the area.

Wall lights can be made use of in different locations of the bed room to develop an environment, emphasize art work, or offer direct lighting for reading.

There are a variety of ways that you can use a chandelier or any other stylish lightning source to light up your bedroom or private chamber.

Do you have a specific questions for having a bedroom chandelier? Have you found it hard to match luxury bedroom lightning settings?
Want to buy a bedroom light Murano chandelier? Call or email and I’ll personally answer all your concerns in record time.

Bon giorno!