Designer Profiles: Fabio Fornasier, Lu Murano Chandeliers

Breaking the rules of tradition with style.

Fabio Fornasier is an internationally acclaimed Murano glass master who has transformed the traditional Venetian chandelier into one with futuristic elements of elegance and extravaganza, intended for classic and modern settings.

Lu Murano light fixtures, crafted by Fabio Fornasieri, are renowned worldwide. Their amazing styles being the outcome of endless experiments and also ideal balance in between glass and light, a synchrony birthed from custom yet always motivated by innovation.

The expression of excellence as well as technology showcased by these light fixtures brought them at the initial enhancement of Maison & Objet Americas which is where I came across several of their iconic styles.

The chandeliers are hand-made by Master Fabio Fornasier, each of them being a special piece of art. The brand name’s collection remains in continual development, being both advanced and conventional, maintaining undamaged the historical and also cultural origins while also looking in the direction of the future and all the splendid explorations and opportunities it brings with it.

Ruthless enthusiastic research study as well as trial and error led the musician responsible for these one-of-a-kind creations to reach brand-new levels of style as well as improvement. His distinct chandeliers are entirely hand made as well as shaped by blowing. They’re fed with oil, completely clear and available in various dimensions and in more than 20 different colors.

VENEZIA 31/05/13 – Fabio Fornasier IlLUsion evento al Liassidi Palace.
©Andrea Pattaro/Vision

Using traditional techniques Fabio produces modern styles, being able to produce such items as the cLUb light fixture which is a suspension lighting fixture, developed for the lighting of bar areas, clubs, resorts, dining establishments and also private homes. The version is based on 60 elements and also has an adjustable layout.

An additional fascinating piece is LUngo, a vertically developable chandelier with a fundamental, three level model showcasing a total amount of 36 components in blown and etched glass, 12 on each degree.

Yet there’s a much more fascinating job which became referred to as the TechnoLUgy chandelier. This is a carbon fiber prototype standing for a separation from Murano light fixture making but, however, infused with the unique attributes that specify each of these amazing tasks.

The design was made from moulds drawn from an initial LU blown glass chandelier. The developer’s constant research for ingenious suggestions led him to experiment with different materials of glass. The experiments also culminated with this best synergy between modern technology as well as contemporary art.

Translated in a much more present-day fashion, the TehnoLUgy chandelier is closer to both design and art as stated by him “the beginning of a brand-new voyage in the matching of varied materials“. Fabio reanimates tradition and history, yet is able to present them in a new lenses that blends modern style with carbon fiber manufacturing, an avant-garde product with a solid feeling and extremely light.

The chandelier thus surpasses the confines of glass to become something new, something unexpected as well as totally out-of-the-box. Much easier to install and weighing just 4 kg (8.8 lbs) which is substantially less than the 40 kg (88 lbs) traditional Murano glass chandelier. Something that mostly tailor-made fixtures or high-end private yachts could incorporate, a modern trend I’ve already mentioned.

These type of chandelier is probably addressed to a younger audience, Millenials perhaps? Them being less sensitive to the frailty of glass and more interested in cutting-edge materials as well as styles. Very similar to what is happening with Millenials switching to synthetic diamonds over traditional ones. I wont get into an argument into whether one is better than the other, specially because fortunately for us Murano has does not have a negative history unlike the so called blood-diamonds.

In any case, if you love Murano glass you might appreciate Master Fabio Fornasier’s work. If you would like to get a similar piece like his work, or buy a classic Murano chandelier just write or email me. I’d be happy to answer all of your queries as promptly as possible.


PS. If you’d like to find our more about Fabio Fornasier I suggest you read this interview on discover.places.

Interior Designer Profiles: Jan Showers Chandeliers

Jan Showers office with Murano chandelier
Jan Showers office with Murano chandelier

Jan Showers recently showcased her home in Dallas. In case you don’t know who she is, she’s also known as the best interior designer in the world. While we won’t argue she’s a fantastic designer, we hardly believe she’s the best in the world.

But still, her style is fantastic and she has a fondness for lightning that not many interior designers share.

Her bedroom interior showcases a couple of vintage blush Murano lamps sitting side by side of her bed, on top of two Jan’s commodes 405 from her own Jan Showers collection.

They make a great effort in providing a nice contrasting look that matches the contemporary mirrored finishing.

One thing that we like about her bedroom is how the whole pink gives both a balance and an atmosphere into her room. With soft pastel tones that match everything, from the rig, carpeting, drapes, lamps, furniture and mattress.

A Stunning Modern Chandelier With a Royalty Seal

Another feature that we liked was her stunning and rare fifties chandelier, designed by world class Italian glass masters Mazzega. One of the oldest Murano glass-art houses in Italy.

Showers stair rail featuring 1950 Mazzega chandelier
Showers stair rail featuring 1950 Mazzega chandelier

While we couldn’t find the exact model she just, we found a couple chandeliers that match Shower’s stair rail entry.

Mazzega Large Chandelier with Molded Glass Panels, 1950s
Mazzega Large Chandelier with Molded Glass Panels, 1950s

Molded glass seems to give shape to a large style Mazzega chandelier hanging high above her house entry stairs. Available on 1stdibs, we also feature a couple modern chandeliers that could match Shower’s style.

First is two variants of our Bebop modern chandelier (160 and 170), with its tubed structure in several tiers, housing 12 lights.

Bebop 170 chandelier
Bebop 170

A second suggestion, that is not similar to Jan’s chandelier, but that could provide an even more eclectic entry is our Galactic chandelier. With dozens of pipe structures framed by a gilded circled ring in mirrored gold.

Galactic suspension lamp
Galactic suspension lamp

Classic Chandelier for a Home-Office

While we won’t say we loved her chandelier pick for the house office. We do love her pick for her breakfast room. A minimal style chandelier with six cilinder-shaped frames.

The piece does create a nice job in setting the tone for an inspiring space that also provides a beautiful look and magnificent lightning.

Her Elizabeth chandelier is a 6-light minimal chandelier available both in factory-made glass canopy. She also offers an Italian Murano glass version, which we’re more fond of.


We chose two designs to complement her home-office and breakfast room. We did noticed she uses a more classical style chandelier in her dining room. Which is interesting how she picks the contrasting minimal chandelier for the breakfast room, while she picked a more classic look for her dining room.

Serenade 9-light chandelier from MuranoDirect
Serenade 9-light chandelier from MuranoDirect
Domino Murano Chandelier with eight lights
Domino Murano Chandelier with eight lights

Domino coloring is not a style that most would welcome, as its’c ontrasting looks might take away strength from more subtle decorations, specially if it’s the breakfast room.

Still, we think a custom made Domino chandelier, with the current looks, painted with a single tone of white would improve the desired look.

Chandelier lightning for breakfast room
Chandelier lightning for breakfast room

Finally, we couldn’t help but notice how she carefully choses every item to compliment and accentuated every aspect of each room. For her nursery room, an 8-light transparent white glass chandelier was selected. Creating a very soft, clean and neutral atmosphere.

What about you? Is there a designer that you’d like us to profile? Are you in need of buying advice for your home/office chandelier? Leave a comment below!