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Quick Overview

18 light chandelier in artistic glass with murrine and filigrane, nickel frame.


This isn’t simply a lighting work; the design chandelier Imaginarium is indeed a real work of art made of Murano glass, a classic venetian glass chandelier re-intepreted in modern terms. Designed by our visionary designers, Imaginarium is a traditional chandelier whose arms sprout, grow and contort, and finally create a new creature. The arms become irregular-shaped stems, and at the end of them some cups have been inserted. These cups shape is inspired from the nature, their unusual shape is completed with a glass wavy corolla. A structure that has been designed to amaze, excite and fascinate. A Murano glass chandelier realised by skilled masters glass-worker using specific techniques, the glass is decorated with “filigrane”, “reticello”, “avventurina” and “murrine”; all these precious decorations have been handcrafted by our masters to create a unique lighting work, made with passion and attention to details. Imaginarium is a chandelier that can stand alone as a decoration product.

Additional Information

Color Plain Crystal
Number of Lights 18 lights
height 100 cm - 39.37 in
length 120 cm - 47.24 in