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  1. Rosae Rosarum Oro Rosae Rosarum Oro

    Rosae Rosarum Oro

    A multitude of roses of various sizes, made of polychrome glass.

    Regular Price: $3,384.00

    Special Price $2,880.00

  2. Roseto Roseto



    Regular Price: $4,776.00

    Special Price $4,200.00

  3. Murano Glass Rezzonico Chandelier with 24K gold Murano Glass Rezzonico Chandelier with 24K gold


    Way back in time this beautifully made Chandelier adorned the most elegant palaces. Let this Rezzonico chandelier exclusively hand made just for you by our Venetian glass masters turn your space into a palace. Enjoy GIULIANO which can be customized to fit your present space.

    Regular Price: $4,668.00

    Special Price $4,320.00

  4. Girasoli Impressionismo

    Chandelier with 9 lights placed in different levels. Central stem with green-amber faded “cimiero” (the top of the chandelier).
  5. Papaveri nel vaso

    Chandelier with green central stem and with a light-blue crown. The 9 lights are placed on different levels. Flowers are made by bright red glass paste. The flower-buds are green, their tips have different colors; glass dust is spreaded on the surface of the buds. The bottom is white paste made.
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5 Item(s)