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228 x 134 cm 90* x 53* CERCHI COLOR is a modern mirror hand-made in Murano and comes with a PROMOVETRO certificate of authenticity This is the perfect mirror to give new character to your home. This handmade artwork is capable of making unique your living room, bedroom and bathroom. His warm colors liven up your home giving it a touch of uniqueness and it fits perfectly with every colors and style of furniture. Colors and sizes are variable.

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This is a spectacular Rectangular Venetian-style mirror, with amazing-hand engraved decorations can transform your home into a noble palace with its timeless luxury. A mirror has a magical, eternal charm that is reprised by this splendid traditional Venetian model; it brings to mind a splendid princely palace, in which history is made. This handmade classic mirror has endless uses. You can display it in your living room, bedroom, entry hall or in any other room to bright up your place, while at the same time achieving a one of a kind interior design style. By admiring this amazing Venetian glass product that enlightens your home and by looking at your own reflection you are also framed in centuries of Venetian traditions. Regardless of the place where it is displayed it will always distinguish itself thanks to its modern and particular design achieved through the hardworking process of glass blowing. Every day Murano artisans realize Murano glass objects. The Master sets up the work and coordinates his “serventi“ which help him in the preparation of the piece using incandescent furnaces: first they draw their desired object on some papers hanging close to the furnaces then, once the glass is at the right temperature, the glassmakers shape quickly the material to obtain their glass artwork. Whether you already visited Venice or not, having this piece of art in your house will allow you to live the “Venetian Dream”. By bringing into your house this authentic murano mirror, which is entirely made in the heart of Venice, you can decor your house with an Italian lifestyle point of view, combining beauty and simplicity.