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Murano Mirrors

Get the widest selection of Murano glass mirrors for sale at MuranoDirect. With authentic Venetian design and original Murano glass, these mirrors are handcrafted to perfection by our skilled glassmasters from Murano, Venice.

Our range of Murano mirrors comes with attractive frames which reflect on the traditional Italian design and elegance. Manufactured in the enchanting Venetian island of Murano, these Venetian glass mirrors narrate a centuries old history and legacy.

Murano glass is well known worldwide, for its beauty and superior quality. And if you are looking for a modern, contemporary, classic or just a spectacular Venetian mirror at an affordable price, then MuranoDirect is the right place to come. Ask for our custom projects and see how we beat every price from the competition.

Enhancing the Aesthetic

Bringing a Venetian mirror home will automatically revive the overall appearance of your room. The spectacular framing along with the crystal clear Murano glasses will make sure that you will not be able to resist the temptation of checking yourself out, time and again by staring into the wall mirror.

The entire aesthetic of your room will automatically change once you attach a Murano mirror to a wall of your choice. Be it your living room or the dining room corridor, adding a Venetian mirror will reflect your taste in art.

Captivating Framing

Murano mirrors are available in spectacular frames. Starting from the classic rectangular frames to the captivating golden framed Venetian glass mirrors, a wide variety of mirrors are available at Murano Direct.

There is traditional mid-century Murano glass mirrors and Vanity style framed mirrors at our disposal. Now if you fancy a pair mirror, then also you can get Cobalt Blue or Mosaic framed items.

If your taste is sometimes exotic then, of course, you can order our back lit circular mirrors or the back lit Emil Stejnar design frame mirrors. You can also show your trendy side with our octagonal framed Venetian mirror collection, in your bedroom or bathroom.

Our spectacular range of frames also consists of round mirrors with ornamented designs. Also if you are looking for something authentic from the pages of history, then you can choose from our traditional Mid-Century designs.

Complements Your Walls

Empty walls tell a sad story. No matter how brightly the wall is colored, without an artistic wall hanging, the appeal gets lost. There is nothing more perfect than a classy Italian mirror to bring back life into your wall.

So, all our products are handcrafted to give your wall the special finishing touch that no other wall hanging can actually provide. Instead of buying a duplicate Matisse or a duplicate Picasso, you can easily afford our fascinating pieces of artistry.

Our exclusive range of beautiful creations will not only help to have a useful mirror hanging on your wall but at the same time it will enhance the overall aesthetic of your entire room.

Adding a Murano mirror on the wall of your long corridor or in your drawing room will equip your home with subtle elegance. Adding a Venetian mirror in your roof-top garden room or in your personal study room will double the beauty and will leave everyone awestruck.

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