How To Identify Authentic Murano Glass?

I’ve received many questions by email about how to identify authentic Murano glass. So I decided to expand on my reasoning for how to identify authentic Murano glass chandeliers and provide a little historical background. If you are not too much into history, you can skip this part and jump directly into the second section.

how to identify authentic murano glass

Believe it or not, authentic Murano glass is still hand-made in factories the island of Murano, about 15 minutes from the beautiful Venice, Italy. Even more, artisans still use a centuries old technique to make Murano glass. It’s one of the reasons why no Murano piece is ever the same. Because they are all hand made and often contain irregularities.

You may wonder why such a famous manufacturers hub wasn’t closer to Venice or the richer cities in Italy. The reason is simple. Artisans were moved to the island of Murano to warranty the safety of Italian cities. You see, Murano furnaces use fire and thus, if proper measures are not taken, especially in the 13th century, fires could spread easily.

Although there are several types of Italian chandeliers, only those from the region of Murano are authentic. Here’s how you can tell whether or not they are authentic.

Top 10 ways how to identify authentic Murano glass:

1. Ask for the certificate of the company selling the chandelier. This certificate is issued by the Italian association for Murano manufacturers and it’s only issued to some people.

2. Murano glass is unmistakeably clear. And it’s shine and clarity can’t be compared to generic glass. It’s weight is also a factor.

3. Murano glass will usually have a Pontill marking on it’s base.

4. The glass piece should carry a label from the manufacturer engraved on it.

5. You will really need to spend some time doing research about the glass masters and their production models.

6. Because authentic Murano glass is hand made, it will contain some lines or imperfections, although these are not really imperfections, but rather, a seal of quality. Hey, it’s almost like green or blue eyes!

7. If your piece has no lines or bubbles, it’s probably a fake, meaning it was mass produced and not hand-made.

8. The price is also a factor. If the piece you are buying has a price tag under the market rates, you should be suspicious about your Murano glass. While we offer low prices, we really could never compete against Chinese copies.

9. If you still have doubts, please write me or send some pictures. I may be able to help you identify your chandelier.

10. As price of the piece plays a role. So does shipping rates. An authentic Murano piece won’t be really shipped using a cheap shipping method, thus it’s price will be usually high.

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